Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut and working for NASA?

You will briefly become astronauts. Together with your team, you will construct water-powered rockets and launch them towards a distant target. This is an active and refreshing summer activity. Participants will construct their own water-powered rockets from simple materials such as plastic 2-liter bottles, cardboard, and adhesive tape. The team will use specially designed N2 launch pads for the rocket launch.

Duration: 60-120 min.

  • rocket

    Rocket construction

    To construct water-powered rockets from the materials you have

  • Rocket construction
  • rocket_launch

    Rocket launch

    The accuracy of the rocket's flight trajectory depends on several parameters: the amount of water, pressure, and the position of the launch pad. By controlling these parameters, guide the rocket and hit the target as accurately as possible.

  • Rocket launch
  • point_scan

    The most accurate wins

    The goal of the teams is to hit a target divided by points and collect as many points as possible. Good mood and wet shirts are guaranteed!

  • The most accurate wins