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Make your award ceremony special

Do you want to enrich your award ceremony? Along with N2 scientists, each laureate receiving their award will have to complete a scientific challenge. The prize winners will have to face unseen and seemingly impossible tasks You can choose from up to 10 different experiments. We guarantee that this award ceremony will be unforgettable.

Duration: 15-30min.

  • fire_extinguisher

    Chain of fire

    Form a chain of fire with bare hands. At first glance, it may seem dangerous, but in fact, it is quite safe and simple.

  • Chain of fire
  • deceased

    Frozen roses

    What will happen to a rose in liquid nitrogen? Use your imagination and turn rose petals into buds.

  • Frozen roses
  • shutter_speed


    Use gyroscopic force to balance a very heavy wheel on one finger

  • Gyroscope
  • spo2


    Help N2 scientists destroy a sponge. Watch as the sponge disappears suddenly in a burst of light

  • Oxygen