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About us

N2 is a professional team of scientists. For more than 10 years, we have been demonstrating scientific experiments at various events: company celebrations, Christmas events, birthdays, weddings, award ceremonies, festivals, conferences, team buildings.

Filled with knowledge from the Faculty of Physics and interested in the latest discoveries from the entire world of science, they created entertainment in which science has become accessible and interesting to everyone.

We have performed more than 1000 breathtaking shows, courage-demanding award ceremonies, and interactive team-building games that train both body and mind.

N2 team does not plan to stop and invites you to experience the exciting world of science together.

Our history


10 years of experience


Performances on the biggest stages of Lithuania.


We had the opportunity to participate in projects such as "Lithuania's got Talents", LRT's "Interesting Lessons", TV3's"GalvOK".