If you are looking for extraordinary intellectual entertainment, than look no further – N2 is here to help.

N2 hosts a wide spectrum of performances of varying types and durations for people of all walks of life. During which we engage the audience with astounding visual demonstrations and vast amounts of information about the laws governing our natural world.

Science Storm

The most impressive experiments science has to offer.

This performance takes you on a rollercoster ride through the world of science. Engage in the most stunning experiments from all of our shows combined, beginning with brooms and ending with canons.

Science rush is a fast paced science assault on your senses with an extra air of insanity about it. It’s fully customizable and constantly changing (due to new experiments being added to the show constantly):

How insane is it?:


  • More Oxygen. With earth’s Nr.1 catalyst we make everything explode, including wheat flour.
  • Elephant’s toothpaste. 4m of vertical foam. Enough, even for an elephant
  • Thunder. From a cataclyscmic clash of two extremes a huge 5m pillar of smoke and ice is born.
  • Balls. A thousand colours fly into the air as we detonate a liquid nitrogen aided explosion inside a large barrel.

Duration: 20-60 min


A dessert straight out of science fiction

Need that extra cherry on top. Enrich any of our performances with this tasty treat

  • Made with cryogenic liquid nitrogen our ICE-Cream will give your audience something to savor as they reflect on the day’s activities.
  • Find out what makes liquid nitrogen ice cream so special with a brief run down of how crystals affect taste.

Duration: 20-30 min.


Make your award ceremony special

N2 will help transform you award ceremony into something truly special. Make your laureates go that little extra mile just before accepting the award.

After all the best awards are memories and impressions. And you’re sure to impress with tricks like:

  • Chain-o-fire. Fire that seems dangerous at first turns into a mere nuissance for brave souls willing to trust N2. Pass fire using just the hands of a couple of willing participants. All in an effort to set a festive torch alight.
  • Oxygen Narcossis. Laureates find out first hand what happens when you mix liquid oxygen with anything. We’ll give you a hint – it goes BOOM!\
  • Gyroscope. Using just the gyroscopic force – accomplish a seemingly super-human task.

Duration: 15-60 min.


A remote performance/ product demonstration

For those, whom safety is paramount we offer the opportunity to see our performance in an online-session.

Our most extreme experiments from the safety of your chosen venue.

Coupled with that we provide humorous product promotions that we direct, shoot and edit ourselves with the help of

Duration: 5-30 min.


If our performance are not enough to please you, we offer a variety of fixed and custom content workshops for all ages.

Contact us for more details.