About Us

N2 is a young and enthusiastic team of likeminded individuals, engaged in popular science.

Together we design and make demonstrational equipment and host fixed and custom content performances as well as workshops related to science.

Be it a dive into the world of absolute zero or a breath of fresh ozone from our artificial lightning bolts – there is something to surprise everyone.

In a matter of minutes we destroy old assumptions and show you the world of science in a way you have never seen before.

We love to work with kids. We gladly host educational and interactive events for audiences of a wide variety of ages.

In a couple of years we have ammased a load of experiance. Collectively we have hosted more than 500 science performances and workshops in schools, summer camps, festivals, television shows as well as other private and corporate gatherings.







gyroscope spins
iron nails melted
of liquid nitrogen
accidentaly broken glasses