If you’re looking for intellectual entertainment that’s not boring N2 has the solution.

N2 makes workshops of different lenghts and sizes. During which we provide audiences with astounding amounts of information and provide with visually stunning demonstrations and challenges.


Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut and working for NASA?

Rocket science always seemed too far out your grasp and so you have never even tried it?

Why not try it now and delve into the history and engineering of rockets and than build one yourself.

  • Make real working models of water propelled spacecraft
  • Compete against your friends and collegues in our own version of the “Cold War”
  • Learn to cooperate and build better and more efficient rockets.

Capacity: up to 100 people

Duration: 20-80 min.

N2 Challenge

A unique 8 challenge marathon for all sizes of audience.

N2 Challenge is the only one of it’s type. Face off your friends and collegues in 8 different extreme scientific challenges. To complete these challenges you will need mins and nerves of steel to match.

Some challenges you will face include:

  • Liquid nitrogen lock-picking
  • Become a pneumatic canon sniper and destroy targets with 100km/h potatoes.
  • Difuse IR riddles.
  • Start a fire using only unknown chemical ingridients.
  • And many more.

Capacity: up to 160 people.

Duration: 2-4h.

Molecular Gastronomy

Become master chefs with the help of science.

Learn the scientific methods used in elite restaurants and use chemical ingeriednts to make incredible, mind-boggling dishes that look, feel and taste out of this world. Foams, powders, spheres, caviar, gels and many more will leave your taste buds in a pleasant mess.

For the more competitive we recommend our “Molecular Cook-Off”. Compete against eachother in who can make the most impressive and delicious dessert, using the techniques you learn in our crash-course.

Capacity: 5-30 people

Duration: 1h-1.5h

Custom Workshops

We also develop tailor made workshop for all manner of audiences and ages.

Contact us for details.